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sometimes you just have to stop and smell the poppies and remember color palette

#595611 #FC1200 #DD8F97 #C2A0A6 #A9A149
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related tags: 918D61 A9A149 B9A8AB BA4638 C2A0A6 CAA3A7 DD8F97 FC1200 airforce animal animals armedforces army canada canadian carlin carlins chien cute dog dogs eastviewbranch eastviewbranch462 fallen flowers freedom hat jemesouviens legion lestweforget mapleleaf marines military navy november november11 ontario ottawa peace pet pets poppies poppy poppyhat pug pugs red remember remembrance remembranceday respect royalcanadianlegion soldier soldiers tribute veteran veterans war 462 2019 474523 595611