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cypress of america (cupressus americana), sweet gum tree (liquid-ambari arbor), tulip tree (arbor tulipifera virginiana) and water tupelo (arbor in aqua nascens) from the natural history of carolina, florida, and the bahama islands (1754) by mark catesby color palette

#25231F #70663B #B1A558 #CEC982 #9A714B
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related tags: 25231F 635D48 70663B 86725F 9A714B 9B956E B1A558 BBB995 CEC982 ambari americana andthebahamaislands arbor bahama botanical botanics botany carolina catesby cupressus cypress decoration drawing ecology environment flora florida garden green gum handdrawn history illustration island leaf liquid mark markcatesby name nascens natural nature plant red retro sketch spring sweet thenaturalhistoryofcarolina tree tropical tulip tulipifera tupelo vintage virginiana water yellow 232220