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tibetan buddhist tantra (vajrayana) kapala (sanskrit for "skull") a skullcup made from a human skull used as a ritual implement (bowl), elaborately mounted with copper vajra, seed syllables, depictions of the buddha. seattle, washington, usa color palette

#873800 #D47511 #FFF270 #FFFFB4 #FFA62E
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related tags: 633C1D A37442 D1A064 D47511 F3DD9C FBF9CB FFA62E FFF270 FFFFB4 collectionofrobertripley copper cup depictionsofthebuddhaseattle dorje elaboratelymountedwithcoppervajra humanskullbone ripleysbelieveitornot seedsyllables tibetanbuddhisttantravajrayanakapalasanskritforskullorskullcupmadefromahumanskullusedasaritualimplementbowl usa vajra washington 873800 20141226160155